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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Feels Like Yesterday

Dad would have been 70 years old today.  Miss him! 
War Eagle!!!

Sugar Bowl, New Orleans - 1984
Auburn 9 Michigan 7

I am forever grateful for the opportunities I had to tag along with my dad to Auburn football games.  Like him, I was so into football back in the eighties, my mood the Monday after or even the whole week was based largely on the outcomes of those games.  And although Auburn lost some heartbreakers, they won a lot more than they lost during those years.  Thank goodness!  When I got older, and football became far less important and interesting to me, I looked back with real gratitude for having the chance to be with my dad on those Saturdays.  That was the satisfying part, in the end.  And the last game I went to, the Auburn-South Carolina SEC Championship in Atlanta, I did so not because I was gung-ho about Auburn or that I had been following them that year (I had not).  I did it just to be with him.  And overall, that was the best game ever!

Off the top of my head I am going to list then ten greatest games (in no order) I went to with my dad.  I may have a hard time with the years, so I may have to use some descriptions instead.

Bye, Bye Bo - Bo had 256 yards
Bo Over The Top - Legion Field, Birmingham, first victory over Bama in ten years!
Auburn 9 Michigan 7 - Sugar Bowl, New Orleans
Auburn wins shootout thriller over FSU in Tallahassee
Auburn - UGA tie, 22- 22 - Auburn wore orange jerseys to trick the Dawgs in Jordan-Hare
Bear Bryant beats Auburn for his 315 career win as a coach
Bo Goes Wild in win over FSU and Deion Sanders at Auburn
Auburn Beats the Gamecocks in Atlanta
Van Tiffin kicks last second field goal to beat Auburn - most painful too!!!
Auburn beats Bama in first game ever between the two in Jordan-Hare Stadium

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