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Friday, December 27, 2013

Greek Life

I obviously missed the dress code announcement!  Our fraternity had military origins.  Therefore, our leadership roles were structured in a military format.  I was the candidate marshal one year, which basically meant I was in charge of preparing our new class of candidates (pledges) for brotherhood.  On this day we were welcoming our new candidate class.

Our fraternity didn't win the competition the three years I was involved - and probably never have. But we had fun!  In 1990, we had a car mechanic theme.  And then in 1991, it was Rock and Roll.  And in 1992, I think we were cowboys.
Step Sing was a big, big deal.  My parents certainly came up to Birmingham to see it. 
 How I got put in the front, I  don't know.  Second from left.
 We are a little bit off here!  I'm second from left.
And the same!
My favorite song was It's Still Rock and Roll (by Billy Joel).
 I tried to find one of our performances on YouTube, but had no luck.  So instead, to give you an idea
of what Step Sing really is, here's a Samford fraternity that did very well in 1990.

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