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Thursday, December 26, 2013

a mixed-up jam

This is an interesting, humorous letter that Deedee (Edith Vann Espy) sent Uncle Watty when he was living in Kentucky.  He had mailed Granddad Major a birthday gift.  Deedee describes the gift, what Major thought of it and how useful (or not) it may turn out to be.  Then, she goes on to share a very funny story involving Major and some Auburn football tickets.  Jimbo, Dad and Billy Woods get mentioned!  If I find the third page, I will be sure to add it.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting and brings back memories. Remember very well attending football game w/Major where he had brought the wrong tickets and I had not long sold two for Jimbo. Also, know much of the story about the Playground Motel which Watty bought into. Sometime when I've got more time would love to tell you what I remember. Hope you and Kate had a good Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year. Billy