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Sunday, December 29, 2013

M.O. Carroll Grocery Co.

 M.O. Carroll (Major Oscar Carroll) was the son of Major Carroll (my great-great-grandfather) and brother of Emma Carroll (Granny Espy, my great-grandmother).  In the photos above are two more siblings of M.O. Carroll:  John W. Carroll and Sam J. Carroll, Sr.

To learn how the Carrolls ended up in Ozark, AL (Dale County) from North Carolina, be sure to read this story. 

Cousin Charles Loeffler e-mailed this good news the other day.   
"Here is your new cousin.  Born Katy, Texas, about 6pm on Dec 23, 2013.  
Name:  Jase Rocco Giametta
They went home on Christmas Day.  Doing fine."  - Charles 

Parents:  Joseph Giametta and Emily Coffee Giametta
GP:  Clay Coffee and Melanie Loeffler Coffee
G-GP:  Charles Loeffler and Virginia Bannowsky Loeffler
GG-GP:  Louis Loeffler and Kate Lewis Loeffler
GGG-GP:  Charles Edgar Lewis and Della Parker Lewis
GGGG-GP:  Henry Z. Parker and Sarah Carroll Parker
GGGGG-GP:  James Carroll and Penelope Kennedy Carroll
GGGGGG-GP: James Carroll and Rhoda Stephenson Carroll

                                                   For more on the Carrolls, click here.

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Anonymous said...

We were just in Ozark for a mini family reunion and I began searching for some Carroll history and stumbled across your blog posts.

I am a descendent of Major Carroll as well and thought I would touch base.

My father, Benjamin Sam Carroll (Birmingham), and his brother, John Marvin Carroll (Montgomery) were both born (fraternal twins) in Ozark to Mary Powell Carroll and John Branch Carroll. They also have an older sister Mary and all still survive. They still jointly own some of the original property near Ozark city limits that is used today for timber farming.

Their father, John Branch Carroll, my grandfather for whom I’m named, worked at the M. O Carroll Warehouse but passed away in 1968 when I was only 2 years old.

My grandmother Mary Powell Carroll passed away in 1999 shortly after a series of strokes.

Anyway I thought I’d email you and thank you for your excellent research. I’ve forwarded it to my Dad and I know he’ll really enjoy perusing it.