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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Power of Music

I'm posting some music that meant a lot to family members.  Thanks to cousin Natalie for getting this started.  We had been talking about the old Espy family film and how to edit it better.  She mentioned these first two songs as ones we should use.

The Entertainer was a favorite of Major and Edith.  So was Sweet Caroline.

Marilyn and Mila loved What a Wonderful World.

Mother loved You Light Up My Life.  Really loved it!  We had those vinyl records, and we'd play it on the record player.  I would sing it aloud, and she would encourage me more and more by telling me how beautiful it sounded.  One year, likely '77 or '78 (whatever age I could write), Mother said she came home, on her birthday, and left in the typewriter was this poem I had typed for her.  Look closely, and you will see how I brought this Debby Boone song title into my poem.  Don't think it didn't impact Mother!  Sometime later she framed it and hung it on a wall.  It was a memory she loved to share.  And, in 2010, when she was in the hospital dying, and I had private time with her, I read it to her.

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