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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Return to Douglas Falls

The other day I went with a couple of hikers to Douglas Falls, a 70 ft. waterfall.  On the drive up to the trail head, we passed several smaller falls.  Walker Falls was one.  Each was beautiful in its own right. 

I first saw Douglas Falls a couple of months ago when the leaves were changing colors.  Now, it's so bare out there, and you might think, less beautiful.  However, winter peels back the camouflage, and you're able to get an unobstructed view of the falls and the mountain floor, and thus a very different perspective.  My goal is to do a bit of winter hiking over the next few months for this reason.  I desire to see winter landscapes, and I want to see what's hidden beneath and behind the foliage.

I am certainly looking forward to going back out to Douglas Falls in the Spring and Summer.  It's easy to walk, for starters - only 1.1 miles.  And then there's nothing like having that cool spray hit your face.  During warmer months, you can actually walk behind the falls.  I would recommend that after you view my most recent video below, come back and view the footage I shot in October - here.

Walker Falls 
Douglas Falls 
And a video I made:

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