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Monday, December 30, 2013

Watty & Beverly

With love and best wishes for my dear cousin Beverly Espy
 Yours, Major Watt Espy, Jr.

Watty Espy & Beverly Espy (Dayries)
circa mid-'80s
 Lake Espy

(L) Major Espy (Watty's father, Beverly's uncle), Amy Dayries (Watty's cousin, Major's great-niece)
(R)"Bud" John Espy (Beverly's father, Watty's uncle), Beverly and Amy (Watty's niece)
December 1971
Major W. Espy, Sr. and John Jolly Espy, Jr. (Bud) were brothers.  Their parents were J.J. Espy, Sr. and Emma Carroll (Espy), making them the grandparents of cousins Watty & Beverly.

Did I confuse you?

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Anonymous said...

I think I recognize the setting for that photo – at the pond? I stayed there with Watt for about a week, circa 1988, doing research on cases where whites were executed for killing blacks. For some reason I was never really interested in staying in his old house with his numerous “pets.” If you sell that cabin, I will give you more than you paid for it. Watt was a living example of a message of redemption, both for himself and for those he studied. Mike Radelet