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Monday, January 6, 2014

"They just keep coming." - Stephen A. Smith

Hoping these provide some good energy for this evening.  War Eagle!
Siblings Leslie and Mark
Here I am - obviously in NYC!

This 1984 shootout is easily the best Auburn-FSU matchup I witnessed.  We were in Tallahassee, and I remember desiring to get back to the car quickly after it was over.  Dad was "rubbing it in" big time and there were some very unhappy FSU fans that did not like his antics.  At that age, it probably was one of the first indications that people, including/especially my dad, take football way too seriously.  But that victory sure was nice!  Another game with the Seminoles I loved was the one where Bo Jackson had two magnificent TDs.  Here's one of them, told to you by the FSU legend, Deion Sanders.

Stephen A is one of my favorite TV personalities!

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