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Friday, January 31, 2014

Why not make mistakes?

Most of us are very conservative.  You know what that word means, you know what it is to conserve?  To hold, to guard.  Most of us want to remain respectable and so we want to do the right thing, we want to follow the right conduct, which, if you go into it very deeply, you will see is an indication of fear.  Why not make a mistake, why not find out?  But the man who is afraid is always thinking ‘I must do the right thing.  I must look respectable, I must not let the public think what I am or not’.  Such a man is really, fundamentally, basically, afraid.  A man who is ambitious is really a frightened person, and a man who is frightened has no love, has no sympathy.  It is like a person enclosed behind a wall, in a house.  It is very important – while we are young – to understand this thing, to understand fear.  It is fear that makes us obey, but if we can talk it over, reason together, discuss and think together, then I may understand it and do it; but to compel me, to force me, to do a thing that I do not understand because I am frightened of you, is wrong education.  Is it not?   - Krishnamurti

One of the world's premier acting coaches on what we fear, why we fear it, how fear impedes our creativity, and how we can overcome it.

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