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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Headland High Football Team Photos

Major Espy - back row, third from right, wearing helmet

This is a Henry County High School team in Headland.  The rear of the school is on the right. The man (far left) is Lionel Brackin, the coach, from Newville. The young boy in front with the ball is Felix Vann.  I may know other members and details. I will check and see. - Larry Smith

#8 is James Earl Woods. - Sam Brannon

Sam Brannon, Rimson Solomon, Wayne Brannon and more!

 # 55, Mark Espy (second row)

 # 55 Mark Espy, # 10 Don McClendon

# 12 Willie Tullis

 # 12 Willie Tullis
These photo scans came from HEADLAND FRIENDS AND MEMORIES.
I will add more scans as I get them.

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