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Monday, February 3, 2014

How well do you know people?

Read this list of traits that describe a certain individual.  Could these be characteristics of someone in your community?  Your church?  A neighbor perhaps?  A family member?  A CEO you know?  Even you?

  • Did not turn back.  Never reconsidered plans.
  • Did not drink.
  • Nothing agitates. Has no doubts.
  • Had great power of mental concentration.
  • Prizes and protects privacy.
  • More reserved. Difficult to access. Less social.
  • Friendly with only those who were useful.
  • Used coarse, foul language with non-friends.
  • Clever and capable.
  • Was politically incorruptible.
  • Backs straightened and attentiveness concentrated when he/she entered a room.
  • Always under control.
  • Makes subordinates responsible for their advice.  "What do you think should be done?"
  • Would go into an explosive rage upon receipt of unpleasant news.
  • A shrewd judge of people.
  • A strong will and decided personality.
  • Ability to rally people.
  • Gift for organization.
  • A born leader.
  • Had a vision and a pounce.
  • Aware of limitations.
  • Clever enough to share other people's prejudices when it’s advantageous to do so.
  • Had capacity and energy.
  • People underestimated his/her intelligence.
  • Played one off the other.
  • Was willing to serve.
  • Avoided the reproach of having benefited personally by the change of circumstances.
Click here to see the person.
And these characteristics I took verbatim from this very interesting book.

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