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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I intend to post photos showing the interior and exterior of the Major W. Espy home on Main Street in Headland, Alabama.  Not all the photos will be of the same day or time period.  I have started with the living room, and will continue adding each day (to this post) until the front den and exterior pictures of the house are added.  In the end, I want it to be like you're walking through the carport door and making your way through the house as it was laid out.  As of now, don't have the far back extension of the home.  Once, I approached Aunt Marilyn with the idea of walking through the home as I videoed it, and she expressed great interest, saying "it would be worth a trip down memory lane."  Unfortunately, never got the chance to go through the home with her, nor with Dad. 






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