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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Jefferson Bible

In the mid-2000s I ordered a copy of the Jefferson Bible online from the Monticello estate and had it mailed to my dad. We had had a bit of a conversation about Jefferson before - about his Christian beliefs. Years earlier I had been to Thomas Jefferson's home and museum, Monticello, in Charlottesville, VA, and had started learning more about this giant figure in American history.  Dad had never heard of the Jefferson Bible, and presumed, and believed, like a lot of evangelicals, that the founding fathers were all Christians.  So once Dad saw this, it surely altered his paradigm a bit - the way it did mine when I first saw it.  Here's the story of how the Smithsonian worked to save the Jefferson Bible.

 My brother Mark at Monticello, on our trip there together

We drove from Atlanta to Charlotte, then on to Roanoke.  In a Roanoke bar and grill, we watched Tiger Woods win his first green jacket.  After Roanoke, we went up to Charlottesville.  After that, it was Lexington, VA, then the nation's capital.  In time I will try to add a few stories.  Mark planned out the trip.

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