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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Major & Siblings

Parents - John Jolly Espy, Sr. and Emma Penelope Carroll (Espy)
 Children - Major, John Jr. (Bud John) and Sarah Frances (youngest to oldest)

I studied the picture of J.J. Espy, Sr. and family - the one hanging in our upstairs hall.  It is my guess that that particular picture was made in approximately 1915.  I'm basing that on the dates of birth of the children in the picture.  They are dressed in clothes suitable for hot weather - so a guess would be about the summer of 1915.  J.J, Espy's Sr. was born April 1878.  So he would have been about 37.  - cousin Beverly Espy Dayries, daughter of John Jr. (Bud John)

Major, John Jr., Sarah Frances

New York City - 1911


(l-r) Major, Bud John, Sarah Frances

Sarah, Bud John and Major had another sibling, a sister named Josephine.  Unfortunately, Baby Josephine died during a whooping cough epidemic when she was right around 6 months old.  You can read about Josephine here.

If I can find any more photos of the siblings together, I will post them here.

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