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Sunday, July 20, 2014

1931 Abbeville Kiwanis Club

Thus far, have identified one person in this photo who would be a relative of mine - Vann Owens.
Vann Owens was a grandson of WCH Vann.  His Mother was Mary Vann Owens.  They lived on the corner a few houses down from the WHC Vann home.
Vann lived in his parents home after they died. Vann had a grocery store on the Court Square.  Coot Vann died at the wheel in front of Vann's grocery store in the 60's.  Vann was probably one of the nicest relatives in our entire family.  Everyone loved him. 
Vann Owens had a son - Whit Owens. Whit did the genealogy work I sent you.  One day we need to Photoshop all of the genealogy charts and put his name on them.  He got us to where we are now.
Jim Vann

Mary Vann Owens

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