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Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th Activities

My Albany, Georgia brother and nephews stayed the weekend in Asheville.  On July 4th, I took them to Dupont State Forest, and we hiked to three waterfalls.  The boys had a fabulous time at Hooker Falls, where they got to swing out on a rope.  They did it numerous times!  After Dupont, we were off to Pisgah National Forest.  We saw three more waterfalls, including Sliding Rock, which might have been the hit of the day.  I even finally slid down the rock myself!  Lots of fun, even though I did bloody my toe.  After wrapping up Sliding Rock, we took the Blue Ridge Parkway back.  I pointed out some of the key sights:  John Rock, Looking Glass Rock, Pisgah Mountain, Cold Mountain and The Biltmore.  The stats for the day: 5 miles of hiking and 5 waterfalls. After spending time outdoors, Kade and I met "the gang" for a late dinner at The Lobster Trap, before walking over to a very crowded Pack Square Park to catch the end of the fireworks.

There are a few photos of me with them.  Will add them soon! 
Here's a short video of the downtown fireworks at Pack Square Park.  Earlier in the evening, we walked by the Drum Circle at Pritchard Park - another downtown park.  .

Here's the actor Owen Wilson going down Sliding Rock just a week or so after we did.  - Source

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