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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Franz Kafka & Good Times

Several years ago, a cousin and I were talking (emailing really) philosophy and authors.  And he first put me onto the name, Franz Kafka.  My response (below) to an e-mail he sent references Kafka's extraordinarily rich heritage, which I believe gave him tremendous advantages.  I had already been discovering, through the course of my travels and observing expats and third-country kids, and then being married to someone so different, that there was a deep, intrinsic value to exposing yourself to new worlds, different value systems and outside-the-box situations.  And I really kind of envied people who had thorough exposure to different influences in their younger years.

I liked reading that link.  Kafka is interesting.  I didn't know much about him.  Putting it very, very mildly, he had a colorful and intriguing background.  The Jewish/Eastern European/German heritage - that's very rich.  That diverse background had to be stimulating.  Have you read any of his works?  Btw, you might have noticed the word "ghetto" used.  Jews, for many centuries in Europe, were segregated into ghettos.  I think that's where the name came from!  And, we thought it came from Good Times!

This was one of my regular afternoon shows growing up in the late seventies/early eighties.   JJ was funny!  I watched this, The Jeffersons and Three's Company.

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