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Friday, September 19, 2014

Walking Tall Memories

I remember watching this movie with Dad.  Not in 1973 - I was too young then - but in the early-mid  '80s.  Dad said it was very good, and was based on a true story.  There was actually a remake of it a few years ago.  Anyway, I recall Dad in his recliner, chair leg in upright position, newspaper in hand.  I was on the sofa.  Not sure who else was present.
An even older movie Dad very often said he liked was Ben Hur.  It was replayed pretty regularly on TV - at least every year.  One time he changed the station to it, and it was in the middle of a horse and carriage race scene.  Dad, with a bit of humor, said something like, "Oh, you'll like this."  And we might have been watching something else, and it had gone to a commercial.  I just recall very quickly saying, with a bit of humor myself, "Dad, pleeeze."  Of course, he turned back!

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