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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Akrom visits Headland

I was a roommate of Kobil, one of your students/friends from Tashkent.  I heard about you a lot, and I visited Headland, AL a couple  of times.  You  were overseas at that time.   - Akrom, now living in Dubai

Akrom reached out to me after spotting Uncle Jim in one of my youtube videos on the Old Vann Home in Headland, AL.  I had never met him - and still haven't.  Through Kobil, who roomed with Akrom at Vanderbilt when they were getting their masters degrees, Akrom got to know Uncle Jim.  And just like with with Ulugbek, Timour and several others, Uncle Jim poured on the hospitality.  Looks like he took Akrom to Disney World!  In other photos, it looks  like Akrom's father and baby also made one of the trips to Headland.  They then likely all went to Sunnyside Beach for some R&R.  The final two images are of Akrom in Dubai.  And it looks like he has two kids now!

For some photos and stories of Kobil, and how we met and when he visited Alabama, click here.

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SaidAkrom said...

Hi Allen,
Thanks for posting these photos and story on your blog. Un Jim is very kind and unique person,me , my wife and my father still do remember him. I hope to see him again, I invited him to Dubai to visit us, but it has not happened yet, and I do hope one day we can meet each other again, same time meet with you too, Allen.
If you guys travel to overseas, please, if possible try stop by in Dubai and it will be my pleasure to host.