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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Murderous Dolls

The story about the doll coming to life (starts at 45:48) is very likely the first horror movie I ever "watched."  Trilogy of Terror was made for TV, and came out in 1975.  Of course, I would have been only four years old.  Perhaps I was just in the den with some of my family when they were watching it, and then I saw the doll come to life and chase that woman.  It scared me to death!  Maybe, though, the movie was replayed on TV two or three years after, and that's when I saw eight or nine.  Got to ask my siblings.  Funny how the your memories are formed.  It may be true what psychologists say, that emotionally gripping events (positive or negative) are those that they can get stored permanently in our memory banks.  And this crazed doll would have done just that to me!

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