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Saturday, November 22, 2014

1962 HHS Senior Class Trip

1962 Headland High School Senior Class
Washington, D.C. (JFK was Pres)
photo provided by Edith Wolf Dasinger, restored by Craig Dixon
Back (L-R), Mark Espy, Gary Johnson?, Morris Falkner, Bruce Ward, Jack Dasinger, James Earl Shelley, Terry Beasley?, Mrs. H, Wayne Blount, Buddy Adams, Danny Nowell, Lig Solomon, Ronnie Knowles  Front (L-R) Sarah Hinson, Norma Wilson, Sandra Brannon, Fay Carr, Nadine Shelley, Joanne Brantley, Juliana White, Mr. Cleveland and Harriet, Linda Oates, Brenda Skinner, Brenda Adams, Diane Pelham, Melinda Epps, Marianne Hicks, Patsy Mitchell?, Betty Sue Sutton
Mark C. Espy
Within weeks of Dad's class trip, my mother's Abbeville High School Senior Class also visited Washington, D.C..  For her class photo on the steps of the US Capitol Building, click here.


Edith Wolf Dasinger said...

Jack and your dad were best friends in high school.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't your mother pretty? She was so young, and your father, too. Thanks for the memories. - Elaine Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Allen-----both your parents were great looking "seniors"!

Brings back many memories for me also------My class & I, had our picture taken right here, 2 years before your parents!!!

I enjoy looking at these "recent" pics.

Robert E.