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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shorterville Cemetery & Grace Homestead


Later, on this blog post, I will share about my experiences visiting the cemetery with Mother, including a dry run she did with me for a cemetery video I had in the works.  I had wanted her to walk around and show me all the Grace headstones and explain who our relatives were.  She did just that.  Ironically, Mother died that very year, and the video was never made.  This regret of mine was what really motivated me to pursue and complete numerous other family video projects.  So I have to thank Mother for that!

Mother's loving companion, Rusty.
Mother's loving companion, Rockie.

Click here for more on the Shorterville Baptist Church Cemetery.

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Anonymous said...

I never fail to walk by your mother's plots, without thinking of her and her family. What some precious memories! - Robert Edward Phillips