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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thomas Marion Espy

Thomas Marion Espy
brother of John J. Espy, Sr., my great-grandfather

Three men, not now living, were most responsible for the creation of Houston County.  These men were Thomas M. Espy, George H. Malone and Byrd G. farmer.  Thomas M. Espy was born at old Lawrenceville, Alabama in 1862 and was educated at the famous Lawrenceville Academy from which went out such men as Anson West, great Methodist preacher, author and Church Historian; Professor Joseph S. Espy, an uncle of Thomas M. Espy, at whose feet Thomas M. Espy sat in the Lawrenceville Academy; William C. Oates, later a Confederate soldier and Colonel of the 48th Alabama and for many years a member of congress from what is now the 3rd Congressional district, Governor of Alabama and United States Brigadier General by appointment of President McKinley during the Spanish American War.  Thomas M. Espy was studious, learned in the law, lucid and invincible in argument and oratory before a trial jury and powerful with the common people in political oratory and wit of which he was a master.  H was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1901 from Henry County, the Constitutional Convention of 1901 adopted Section 39 of the Constitution of 1901.  In 1903 Judge Espy was a member of the House of Representatives from Houston County and was the author of the Act of 1903 establishing Houston County.  In January 1914 Governor Emmett O'Neal appointed Mr. Espy chancellor of the Southeastern District.  He resigned in June 1914.  Judge Espy died August 19, 1933, rich in the good will and confidence of his fellows and in this world's goods. - source

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