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Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Hiking, by the numbers


Weekday Hiking Maniacs was very active in 2014.  We scheduled 101 total meetups, only five of which were not actually walking/hiking events.  Since I like numbers, I decided to share what I personally accomplished this year.  I also wanted to share some ratings.  Keep in mind, for me, the hiking season started in the Spring and ended a couple weeks into November.  I also had about six weeks off due to my travels to Thailand.

# of walks/hikes scheduled:  96
# of walks/hikes in which I participated:  68, one every 2.17 days
City walks:  27 for 126.81 miles, average distance - 4.7 miles
Hikes:  41 for 201 miles, average distance - 4.9 miles
New destinations:  24
Waterfalls:  46 (including some repeats)
Longest distance:  8 miles (Big Butt Trail, Ramsey Cascades, Panthertown Valley)
Highest elevation gain:  2300 feet (Ramsey Cascades)
Most difficult:  Deep Gap Trail (Mount Mitchell), Ramsey Cascades
Favorites:  Roan Highlands, Big Butt Trail, Courthouse Falls

And then I had hikes with my Atlanta cousin and her friend, plus a day of hiking with my Albany, GA brother and his boys.

3 hikes, 12.5 miles, 4.17 miles average distance, 9 waterfalls

Grand Total:  71 walks/hikes, 340.31 miles
Simply the distance alone would be like walking from Headland, AL (my hometown) to Huntsville, AL + another 45 miles.  But I bet with the elevation I covered, you could add a significant number of additional miles.

To view all write-ups, photos and videos of all hikes done this year, click here.  Just remember, when you reach the bottom of each page, click older posts to continue.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Since I am such a numbers person, I love posts like this! You fit a lot of hikes and miles in! It's crazy when you compare the distance you hiked to how far Huntsville is - that really gives you perspective on just how far you hiked this year!

Happy New Year, I wonder what your totals will be in 2015!!