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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sheer Magic

I don't know why I hadn't seen Magic Johnson's Hall of Fame speech before now.  His greatest rival, Larry Bird, introduced him.  Just powerful.  To hear what Bird says about Magic, and then what Magic says about Bird is very moving.  And Magic goes on to talk about others.  He was the ultimate team player.  Listen to the remark he makes about his coach, Pat Riley, and take note of the emotion being expressed.  If anybody ever says a man shouldn't cry, share this with them.  People with hearts cry.  Magic has heart.

Looking back at my sports-crazed life in the early to mid-80s, if I had to pick a single match-up that exceeded all others, including any Auburn-Alabama games, it was the Lakers vs. Celtics, Magic against Bird.  I was in a zone watching them play!  When the Lakers won, I felt sky high.  And when Bird pulled out victories, it was a dagger in my back.  I have to give my dad tremendous credit; he took me to see Magic play when the Lakers visited Atlanta. It was a school night even!  What an experience!

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