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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tom York Interviews Watt Espy

In the early '80s Watt Espy gave an interview on The Tom York Morning Show, a popular program that aired for 32 years on Channel 6 in Birmingham (now owned by FOX).  I've heard from a few people that they remember seeing Espy's interview.  However, I can't seem to find a copy of it.  Hoping that this blog post might magically assist me!  To learn a bit more about Tom York, click here.

York (left)

Watt Espy

Click here for an interview Charlie Rose did with Byron York, Tom's son.

I got this email from Byron York:

I'm sorry to tell you that there are not any archives of The Morning Show.  As I understand it, whenever the show was taped, the tape was reused to tape another one the next week.  At some point, they were thrown away.  It's a terrible thing, but that's the situation.  So your uncle's interview was not preserved.

Sorry I can't help you, and I wish you the best with your blog.


Byron York

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