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Thursday, December 11, 2014

We all wear a mask

Shortly after Robin Williams died, these were some quick thoughts I expressed in an e-mail.   Of course, since then, more has come out.  My view was limited then, and remains so today.  However, maybe I touched on a few things.

boy he was talented.  depression is the silent killer.  i think he just saw the world as it is at times - cruel, dark, inhumane.  i guess one clue was the years of drug use and stuff.  just shows fame, money, big houses can't always drive darkness away.  in some ways, it took courage for him to go out on his own terms.  feel sorry for his kids.....but makes you wonder how close they all were anyway.

A few days later, just outside the temple gate at Wat Arun in Bangkok, we noticed a message up on a community bulletin board.  It was about Robin Williams' death.

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