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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith
Headland, Alabama

This is the only photo I have of Charlie Smith.  I know very little about him, so I am hoping his family and friends see this blog post and reach out.  I would love a photo of his beach cottage.  I remember Dad took us there in the late '70s.  I also remember we'd often pick him up at his home on Mitchell Street so he could ride along with us to Auburn games.  He seemed to really love basketball.

I posted this photo of Charlie Smith on Headland's Facebook page.  These are some comments people made:

This is my dad. He was born in Wadesboro Florida in 1909.  He worked for the Alabama Power Company and that what brought him to Headland and to meet my mother Mary Alice Oates.  He worked for the Alabama Department of Aeronautics in the 50's and then joined the Air National Guard in Dothan and retired as a Lt. Col and their commander.  I'll be glad to answer anymore questions you might have.  The gym in Headland is named for him because of his love of basketball. The day he was buried, Mark and Jim had his Auburn season basketball tickets put in his coat pocket. They left his seat open all season.  He also announced football games for years in the old stadium.  We sold the cottage, but I have photos.  I am not at home right now, but will get you some.  I have always loved this photo of my dad!  Thank you for asking about him.  He was a one of a kind for sure and loved the Vann's /Espy's like they were his family! - Lynn Bullock

I remember Charlie Smith being instrumental in securing the lights for the football stadium.  He then took a bunch of us boys and showed us how to assemble the light towers. We completely put them together on the ground and then a crane placed them on their pads.  I just remember a lot of drilling and bolting them together.  He was a man of many talents.  - Tommy Lee

I remember Charlie coming to our well drilling office prior to a summer camp, want instructions as to drilling his own well for their water supply; what an intelligent man he was!  - Gary Smith

Great memories of spending time and playing golf with Charlie, Dr. Vann and Macky Oates!  Quite an education! - Pat Davis

Mary Alice Oates, standing with the ladies, on the right

I won the Charlie Smith Trophy my senior year!

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Anonymous said...

My daddy thought the world of Mark and vice versa. They enjoyed the miles they travelled together to Auburn with Jim. If only we could recount all of those stories!!! You are wonderful to record your families history as you have. Lynn