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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Best Teachers

The best teachers are those who set the best examples.  I think of giants like Socrates, Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King, Jr..  Socrates reminds us of how ignorant we truly are.  By using artful questioning he is constantly teasing and probing our brains, stretching our minds and holding that mirror up to us.  Socrates would never let us be comfortable in our learning.  We can always know more.  Thomas Jefferson helps us think about our role in governing and the type of institutions we desire.  He was a transformative figure in American life who understood the value of the scientific method and the arduous discipline that education requires.   He maintained a curiosity –a vital trait of the learned person - throughout his lifetime.  Martin Luther King, Jr. provides us with an example of moral courage – the type of courage needed if we are to truly benefit from our education.  Moral courage extends and provides meaning to our education, giving us strength to better ourselves and the world around us. 

- an excerpt from the Philosophy of Education paper I wrote at UNCA

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