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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gabe's Fish Camp

I posted these trivia questions and photos on Headland, AL's Facebook page.

That's Watty Espy in photos six and seven.  Very likely Watty had stopped over for a visit.  Who can identify the couples on the double date?  And for bonus points, where were the photos taken?

The comments:
I'm not positive, but I think that the couple on the right is Neal Jackson and Lavonne Shelley. The couple on the left is Charles and Joyce McNeal (have no idea what her maiden name was.) As for the location, I really don't know but I do remember that the Fish Camp in Columbia had the little juke box selectors and your party was seated in a private room.
Gabe's fish camp?
You took a left right before you crossed the river, and it was at the end of a dirt? road. Before all the dams, it was so close to river elevation, that it got hit by floods. Think that is what closed it.
Gabe's sat on corner of Murphy Mill and old 231.
I did love the fish house in Columbia. As a kid I thought any chance to go to the river was cool and to eat freshly caught fish, in a private room was great.
How could you forget those pickles, I can still taste them!!!!
 I was totally blown away by the mountain of home made French fries they put on the table at the Columbia Fish Camp and if you managed to get through those they brought out another mountain of them!
And the hushpuppies. That looks strange when you spell it out. Anyone know where that name originated.
Hushpuppies were originally cooked on the side and tossed to the dogs to keep them quiet (hush, puppy) and prevent them from begging while the people were eating -- so I've been told. LA (Lower Alabama) cornbread made with basically corn meal, water and salt is known as dog bread in some Yankee environs, like Birmingham and Huntsville.

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