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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Monster Dunk

This basketball rap was one of my favs.  I could sing all the lyrics.  I remember being out at Lake Espy with a youth group from one of the churches, and my cousin Jeff and I were clowning around in the bedroom.  We had our music box on, and this song was blaring.  When we got to the "Daryl Dawkins got a monster dunk" line, I had a ball in my hand (maybe a basketball) and sort of jump up to the ceiling with it, imitating Chocolate Thunder (Dawkins).  And, just like Dawkins, who was known for shattering backboards, I let go of the ball, and it bounced off the ceiling and then careened off a pretty nice glass lamp, breaking it into pieces.  The chaperone (Mr. Alford) ran in, saw us laughing and got on to us.  A funny moment!
Dantley and Wilkins are on the scene
And Ralph Sampson is really mean
Bill Russell didn't take no junk
And Darryl Dawkins got a monster dunk
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