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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bo the Spider Monkey

I remember we'd stop by Buds n' Blossoms,  just down Hwy 431 as you enter Dothan, AL from Headland.  We always had to see the monkey.  I remember Bo loved to drink canned Cokes!  But I never let Bo touch me, because we had been warned that he liked to grab you and not let go.  I kept my distance!
Here's a Facebook comment about Bo: 
Oh, I loved me some Bo!  He was a character.  My dad worked at Bud's N Blossoms for a good little while and I worked a little on the weekends and a summer.  Bo loved daddy.  A little too much.   He ate him up one day when daddy was inside his cage because he did not want him to leave.  I could get close to the cage but you wouldn't catch me going inside! Bobby had a perimeter roped off so people wouldn't get as close as they wanted to the cage.  I would always stop whatever I was doing when I noticed someone crossing the line or trying to tease Bo, because I knew what was going to happen.  If they were wearing a hat or glasses you could kiss them goodbye.  Bo was FAST.  He loved pulling hair too if you got too close.  Well he wouldn't pull it at first.  All he was doing was checking for fleas or lice, but if you jerked your head back that's when he had you...and he wasn't letting go!  You were okay as long as you just stood there and let him hunt for critters in your head.  I would laugh my butt off every time.  Bobby Boone had some crazy critters around that place back then.  All types of chickens and peacocks.  Never a dull moment!   - Terry Riley

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