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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rainier cherries, my gift to you

Whenever Kade and I head to the Wiregrass (Southeast Alabama), we take lots of goodies to give away.  Our regulars are Dynamite Coffee, organic chocolate bars, Biltmore wine, tea and cherries.  I discovered a few years ago that fresh cherries are one of my favorite fruits.  Greenlife (Whole Foods now) in Asheville has a couple of varieties - a darker, sweet cherry and Rainier cherries, lighter in color, and sweet and tart.  On a few trips, back in 2012 when my dad was battling cancer, we took him some bags of cherries.  And he loved them.  And my aunt Grace also thought they were very tasty.  Of course, I would eat a bag en route!  I'm already looking forward to seeing them in the stores!
What may me think about Rainier cherries is an e-mail I sent to someone who was going to visit Dad during that time.  I shared this bit:

By the way, if you want to make Dad happy, take him down some fresh cherries.  He loves the ones we take him from Asheville.  The darker ones are good, but the lighter color he likes best.  I don't know if you eat them or not....just keep them in a cool spot until they reach your final destination.


This fabulous mountain is located in Washington state.  Click here to discover more about my trips to Washington, and to learn about a trip my dad made out there.

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