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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Jacket, 1957

Dinah Grace
Abbeville, Alabama

This is the oldest of "The Jackets" Mother had.  She was only in the 7th grade in 1957. 

I see an Oates, an Espy and some McClendons among the teachers.

Some sports photos will be added later.


Don McClendon said...

Allen, you may be interested in these observations. The coach Tom McClendon would have been my second cousin. His dad and my grandad (Joe McClendon) were brothers. Tom was a very good athlete, a very good baseball player at Auburn. At the time he was head football coach at Abbeville, Headland's head football coach was also named Tom McClendon. Both were very good coaches. My cousin moved on to coach at Troy HS and later worked in Ozark as recreational director. He is deceased. Headland's Tom retired after the 1957 season from coaching and went to work with his wife's family business, Dothan Glass. He is still alive and occasionally visits our church. Gem of a fellow as was my cousin.

I also noticed a student named Willie Woodham that your Dad and I played football with and a guy named Billy Armstrong that I played baseball against.

Thanks for sharing.

Robert Edward Phillips said...

Wow Allen-----this is great! I can remember most of these "young" students.

The Oates lady was Ms. "Flo" Oates.....she lived in Tumbleton, and was our history & civics teacher. Our class had a lot of fun with her, but we did push her a little too far a couple of times!!

Ms. Jane Espy was the best of the best! She taught us all the hard subjects---geometry, physics, science, etc. A very stern and respected teacher!! Her brother, Jack Espy, was a well known pastor in the area for many years. Her nephew, & Bro. Jack's son, Joe, is now, a very well known lawyer in Montgomery, and represents many in politics, etc. at the state level. We see him on tv often.

"Coach" Tom McClendon was our football coach, and again, the best of the best! We "boys" still talk about him even today, with "fear, love, and affection!!" He took us to two Peanut Bowls in Dothan. Ohhhhh, the stories we could tell of those "horrible football practices" that molded us into a team that everyone wanted to beat, but that few were successful at doing!! He was also a feared pitcher on the Auburn baseball teams. Martha McClendon was his devoted wife, and the schools's band leader for several years. We called her "Snookie"!!!!

A wonderful, wonderful era to come up in........I know your mother conveyed this to her children thru the years!

Thanks again for the memories!!!!!