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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Jacket, 1958

Dinah Grace 
 Abbeville, Alabama 

This is Mother's 8th Grade year.
Elvis Presley had catapulted to national stardom!
Abbeville's star athlete, Dave Edwards, went on to play 13 years with the Dallas Cowboys!

more on Dave Edwards

And then not quite two years later

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Don McClendon said...

Allen, these pictures bring back a lot of memories. My senior year we went to Abbeville to play them in basketball. Abbeville had recently won the conference tournament. Gary Fleming, Dudley Hall and Joe Espy all played for Abbeville. Gary and Dudley went on to play football at Samford. They were big framed tough guys. Joe Espy (not the same as Bobby Joe) was younger but started as their point guard. He now is famous lawyer in Montgomery. Our jv team beat them, our B team beat them and then we (varsity) beat them. It was a very rough game. Marilyn rode back and forth some with Gary and Dudley while at Samford.

Buddy Riley (brother of former AU kicker, John Riley) died about 2 weeks ago. He and I were at AU the same time. Also Lester Killebrew.

I also remember Coach Jordan said that Dave Edwards had as good pair of legs as anyone he had ever seen. Mike Helms also was a good player for AU.