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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hiking Destinations

Today is the last day of Fall.  To commemorate it, I've decided to post a map pinpointing virtually all the places I've hiked around Asheville - some I did just with Kade, many I've led and some in which I simply participated.  A good portion of these hikes I've done more than once, and will hopefully do them again.  Others were bucket list items, and if I am fortunate to repeat them, fabulous.  This year I had several that I had previously done and wanted to take Kade back with me just so she could experience them.  Max Patch Mountain is an example. 

Look at the heading (top of map) and click on the symbol (far right) to open the map in another window.  Doing that will give you greater access to all the features and content.  Don't forget to use the 'zoom in' feature. You can also click the 'red markers' to reveal each site.

If you see a hike that interests you, key in the name in the search box (top left of blog) or research in categories (sidebar) under Hiking to find it.

I am taking a hiatus from blogging until at least the start of next Spring.  I may be cleaning up a few posts or adding some content to existing ones, but that's it.  Happy New Year, and stay healthy!

For a time, I thought I would use this map to plan out some hikes, and mark ones I'd done.  I simply had purchased a Pisgah National Forest map and had it framed at Frugal Framers in Asheville.   It turned out, though, to be too big.  I had no wall space.  It also didn't cover all the areas where I was hiking.  So I sold it, and looked for some virtual maps.

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