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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sallie Carroll (West)

Sallie was one of the children of Major Carroll and Sarah Elizabeth Branch (Carroll).  One of her older sisters was my great-grandmother, Emma Carroll Espy.  These scans are courtesy of Sam Carroll West, Jr., whose grandmother was Sallie.  This blog post will be an ongoing work in progress. I will be adding more photos, captions and key biographical information.  

Sallie holding Irene, who died when she was not quite 3.  We don't know what her cause of death was.  Irene was born May 14, 1909, and died Aug 3, 1911.  - Judy

Thomas Albert West Sr with Albert Jr and Sallie Carroll West
 Albert Jr was born Nov 11, 1911

Sallie Carroll West holding Sam Carroll West Sr.
 Sam Carroll was born March 23, 1917

I just took this photo out of it's frame and found writing on the back. It identifies and gives children and their order of birth, etc. "Back row- John-3rd, Oscar-2nd, Marvin-5th, Sam-7th, 2nd row- Irene-next to youngest 9, Emma-4th Major Espy's mother, Sallie-6th, Ruth- youngest 10th, Anna-oldest, Corene-8th" Then notes that one died before Sallie so that was the 5th child.  "Front row Mother's mother" which we know to be Sarah Branch Carroll. Also says "After funeral-day of funeral" "Land at Ozark and N of Headland owned for five generations with Tom and Sammy's generation"  - Judy

Sallie Carroll West holding Sam Sr with Albert Jr at her side

This picture may have been taken at Albert Jr's house on West Main Street.


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