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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doing The Swag

What was supposed to be a 5.5 mile, 1200 ft elevation hike turned into a 10.18 mile, 2286 ft elevation one! Let's just put it this way:  Sometimes when you hike, you lose your way!  When we made it back to the car, I personally haven't been that happy in a long time.  Despite our miscalculations, we experienced a number of memorable highlights:  beautiful views, the buffet, the storyteller, a chat and nature walk with the owner of The Swag, wildflowers, new friends, the sing-along/name-that-tune fun (maybe why we got lost!), the elk, the Coca-Cola that kept me alive, Little Prince, Janet's smartphone, forest shade, a crazy number of chipmunks, and Prince song trivia in the car.

and my video (includes elk footage)

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