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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Estate Sale Finds

Major, I am -------------------.  I currently live in Vestavia Hills, AL.  I found a book at an estate sale in Birmingham several years ago.  I have talked to several people who know your family.  On the inside cover of the book it reads: March 11, 1944, property of Major Watt Espy, Jr.  It was bought at the Book and Art Shop in Dothan.  Name of book is Aesop's Fables, price, $.50 and was presented by his grandmother Mrs. B. L. Scott.  I finished school at Dothan High in 1955.  I would be happy to send the book to someone in the family if there is an interest.  I don't want to sell the book, just thought it might be of interest to the family.  Please message me if you know of anyone in the family who would like to have it.  I have a lady in Marietta, GA who would like to have it for one of her classrooms if the family does not want it.

This is one of the reasons creating this blog has been so worthwhile and interesting.  I get random emails like this.  In this case, I asked the lady to send on the book.  I have it now, and it's just as she described.  It's in great shape.

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