West Asheville. Hank Williams, Jr., David Allen Coe and Waylon Jennings.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

HHS Band, 1960-61


a couple of remarks off Facebook:

Penny Solomon is the Drum Majorette in the middle.

The 3 Tenor Drummers are Linda Oates, Nell Solomon and Joan Brantley.

Penny and Nell's grandfather (Ligon) and my great-grandmother (Kate) were first cousins.  Ligon's father and Kate's father were brothers.  That makes Penny and Nell my third cousins twice removed. Our common ancestors are John Solomon and Rebecca Sturdivant.  

Linda's father (Wyatt) and Hank Stroup's mother (Lib) were siblings.  Their grandmother (Mamie) and my great-grandmother (Kate) were sisters.  That makes Linda and me second cousins once removed.  Our common ancestors would be Thomas Solomon and Laura Emma Price.   

A big thanks to Brenda Stroup for explaining these connections!

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