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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

One of Those

The San Francisco Glacier at El Morado Natural Monument National Park - Chile
What can I say about Chile?  I think I summed it up best in a text to an Atlanta friend:  "Some countries are fortunate enough to have a little bit of everything. Chile is one of those."

I will share something that really "tickled" Kade. As our guide Sebastian was driving us to the national park, I asked him if he could guess where Kade is from.  He said, "Somewhere in Asia?" That was pretty easy. When I said Thailand, his face lit up. I asked if he had been there.  He said he hadn't, but a number of his friends had. I asked what they thought of Thailand. He said very quickly, "They all want to live there." Kade, of course, smiled big.  But that statement says a lot. If somebody from Chile mentions a country being beautiful or intriguing, take them at their word.  They know what it means.  And I would say, likewise, someone from Thailand (or the USA) will be very impressed with Chile.

We also spent time in Buenos Aires (Argentina).  All I can say is world-class.  Think of any of the top tier cities in the world (Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, New York), Buenos Aires is right in there.

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