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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Looks Like Major Allen Looks

Thanks to my sister for sharing this!

My grandmother Edith (Deedee) made this note on the back of my dad's football portrait.  I had injured my hip in a freak accident and she was very concerned about it.  In fact, she took me to see her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews (yes, that one!) in Columbus, GA.  Perhaps even more interesting is that she also took me to see Dr. Andrews a few years earlier to get his opinion on my pigeon toes!  But back to the hip: In time, I may add the story about how the injury came about, and about the great care I got in Dothan, Alabama from a highly-respected and very kind orthopedic doctor, whom I had to see for a few years.  My dad also played a big role in seeing that I got the best care, and always took me to my regular check-ups.  Every now and then when the thunder rolls and the rain moves in, my hip sends me a little reminder of that time.  

Deedee's sister Kate Helen Vann Luttrell sent an email to me a while back, and it was on this topic. Here's an excerpt:

Allen, do you remember the time Deedie brought you to Columbus to see her Orthopedic surgeon?  I don't remember exactly what the trouble was, but something to do with a leg or hip maybe.  I went out to the Hughston Clinic to see y'all, and you were walking about on crutches! This was shortly after Deedie's hip surgery, and she was here for a check-up afterwards.  Seeing pictures of you at an earlier age brought that time back to me.  


Kate Helen

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