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Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunnyside Septembers

This vintage map was in the beach cottage.  If you're able to download, reopen and then zoom in, right above the "G" in "Gulf of Mexico" is Sunnyside (of greater Panama City).  Moving east from there, along Front Beach Road, you will see Laguna Beach, where Thomas Donuts is.  Keep on till you reach the "Y" and Pier Park (just "the pier" back then), and on down, Thomas Drive.  Back west a bit would be where Pinnacle Port Resort is today.  

The most surprising thing to me, experiencing Panama City now versus years ago, is just how short the drive up and down the beach is.  And this was even more apparent, no doubt, because it wasn't Spring Break or summer, when it's always bumper to bumper.  Were it not for the sun, and having no shade, walking from Sunnyside to the "Y" or beyond, and back, would be easy.  

Late September on the Florida Panhandle is very nice - was this time, anyway.  If you like it still hot (up to 90 degrees F), you can get that, especially from 11 to 5 PM.  But if the heat gets to you, like it does me, early mornings and an hour before sunset are pretty ideal.  And as you can see, sometimes in the middle of the day, there's a lot of beach just for you!!

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