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Thursday, May 1, 2008

John Jolly Espy, Sr. Photo Collection

Beverly Espy Dayries, Marilyn Espy McClendon and my dad (Mark Carroll Espy, Sr.) played a big part in providing these photos of John Jolly Espy, Sr. (J.J. Espy, Sr.).  My goal was to simply post as many photos/portraits we have of him. I hope to add more. 

The boy on the left is JJ Espy.
This portrait is a recent jewel I discovered in Uncle Watty's house. It was in a very old, dusty frame. The frame glass was even shattered. This is the Thomas Franklin Espy family. Next to Thomas is his wife Frances. Surrounding them are their children. John J. Espy is standing on the far right. To read a history of Thomas Franklin and Frances, click here.  Griggs Espy (a cousin in Dothan, AL) thinks his grandfather, Thomas Marion Espy, is standing behind Frances.  He also said there were four boys, and one is obviously missing in this portrait.


All that's missing is Josephine Espy, who died as a child.
This is from one trip to New York City. Enlarge to see John J. and Emma.
From another trip to the Big Apple. JJ Espy, Emma and the kids: Sarah Frances, John Jr., and Major. Little Major is seated, and is looking at the camera. Major was born in 1907, so I'm thinking 1912 could be the year this photo was taken. Incidentally, the Titantic went down that very year.

To read more about John Jolly Espy, Sr.'s life and death, click here.


Beverly Espy Dayries said...

For many years I had been in touch with his daughter Elizabeth Espy Hooks, who was first cousin to my daddy. Her husband Cary (or Carey) Solomon Hooks from Montezuma, GA, was a cousin of my mother's. Both are now deceased. They had no children but were close to some of her nephews and/or nieces. They had lived in Cobb County, GA, not too far from our house.

Anonymous said...

These are fabulous--thanks for sharing. Your dad was telling me how much he enjoys the pictures you give him for Father's Day. Keep up the good work. Lisa Burris, July 2010

Beverly Espy Dayries said...

Bud and I studied the picture of JJE, Sr. and family - the one hanging in our upstairs hall. It is our guess that that particular picture was made in approximately 1915. We are basing that on the dates of birth of the children in the picture. They are dressed in clothes suitable for hot weather - so a guess would be about the summer of 1915. JJE, Sr. was born April 1878. So he would have been about 37.