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Friday, September 14, 2012

Watty @ Georgia Military Academy


Watt Espy, # 51
On a visit to Headland.  In front of Espy home on Main Street.

Allen, this is what I recall about Watty and GMA.  You might not want to use what I have, but it is all I can recall at the time............
Watty attended Georgia Military Academy, College Park, Georgia in the mid 1940's.  GMA was an all boys, all boarding school.  On weekends, his Uncle Bud John (my daddy) drove to the school to pick him up and drive him to our home in Decatur, Georgia.  Sunday night Daddy would drive him back to GMA.
I was about ten years old at the time.  I recall Watty went with my daddy and me when Daddy drove me to Downtown Atlanta to a dancing lesson.  The lessons were at the old Peachtree Arcade, and there was a store in the arcade that sold coins and stamps for collectors.  Watty was already into saving stamps and talked my Daddy into starting me in beginning a collection.
Watty fell right into being included with invitations from my friends.  I remember a friend whose parents drove from Marietta, GA, where they lived at the time, to pick Watty and me up to go with them and their two children to the Southeastern Fair at the old Lakewood Fair Grounds just outside of Atlanta.
 In its program to teach social etiquette, GMA held dances on its campus.  At Watty's invitation, I attended one of the dances.
With a reduced demand for military training, GMA phased out its military program in the mid '60's and also became co-ed.  During that time the Georgia Military Academy also changed its name to Woodward Academy.
                                                                                                       - Beverly Espy Dayries

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