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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amazing Graces

Victor Allen Grace & Dorothy Moore Barnette Grace
with daughter Dinah Jen Grace

Amazing Graces!

Shorterville, Alabama

In an interview I did with Dot in 1997, when she was 85 years old,  I asked her, "What has been the most rewarding experience of you life?"  Very quickly, she gave her answer. 

When Dinah was born.  We had been married six years before we'd had a child.  Her daddy, I guess, was more thrilled than I was.  When she came, she was just like him.  The doctor said he had delivered hundreds of babies, and she was more like her daddy than any baby he'd ever seen.  That thrilled Victor beyond words.

I picked the name Dinah after I got pregnant.  Victor let me pick the name.

After giving birth, I came home (w/ Dinah) in the ambulance, which was unusual back then, and got the best of attention.  Dinah weighed 8 lbs. 

Mother got lots of love from her parents, and loved them both dearly.  But she always said she was a "Daddy's girl."  Dot and Mother both talked about how Granddad Victor spoiled her rotten.  And Mom loved every minute of it! 

Mother would also always talk about how handsome her daddy was.  Dot would talk about this, too, and how he was a well-known ladies man before she came into the picture.  I believe when they married, Victor was 35, and Dot was 25.

This time three years ago Mother was in the hospital dying.  She held on another week, until August 6th.  We stayed by her side, and often talked with her about Dot and Victor.  Almost a decade earlier, Mother had been there for her mom, in the same way. 

I want to write something on the history of the Graces in Shorterville and prior to Shorterville, if we can go back far enough.  Gary Fleming and perhaps Tim Grace can help with this project. If any of my Grace kin read this, please contact me.  Thanks!

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