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Friday, July 8, 2016

Victor, Dorothy & Dinah

The Grace family home as it looks today.
Shorterville, Alabama
Henry County

These two painted portraits were made in Montgomery about a month before we got married.  He carried his home with him, and I kept the one of him with me.  It was my idea.  When we married, of course, we put them up side by side.  - Dot Grace, in an interview I did with her in 1997. 

Dot worked in Montgomery for Sears Roebuck for two years (1939-40) as a payroll clerk and bookkeeper.  Victor was living and working in Shorterville.  During this time when she was in Montgomery, and even for a bit after they got married, Victor and Dot were two hours from one another - likely closer to three, in those days. They would visit each other on weekends.  Later, of course, Dot returned to Shorterville and they settled there.  Then, on September 23, 1944, along came Dinah Jen Grace.

 These portraits used to "grace" the walls of their home in Shorterville, Alabama.

Another resident of the Grace home was Sissy - here with my sister Leslie.

This was on the Shorterville mailbox.

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