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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eva Solomon (Carroll)

Eva Solomon (Carroll) and Emma Kate Solomon (Vann) were sisters.  Kate was my great-grandmother.  Eva was also known as "Sid Eva" and Mother Carroll. A big thank you to Sid Eva's great-granddaughter Marjorie Whitley for providing most of these scans. You can learn more about Marjorie by accessing her blog in the right sidebar.

Eva Solomon
Eva's 2nd grade class picture. She is front row 2nd to left.

Eva's husband:  Edwin Thorton Carroll
They had six children, two of whom (George and Janice) died very young.
Eva and daughter Kittye Will

Kittye Will and Marie Carroll
Kittye Will Carroll (Hart)
Kittye Will Carroll (Hart)
Eva and Frits!
Eva and her surviving siblings. 
 (L-R) Front: Eva, Kate, Mamie, Corine Back: Curtis, Bob
Ralph Solomon and John Thomas Solomon, Jr. had already died. 
J.T. Solomon, Jr. had died at a very young age.

Mother Carroll (Eva Solomon) at her home in Waycross, GA.

Mother Carroll (Eva Solomon) and her sisters

Eva and sisters!
Jean Carroll (Gerwig) with Max.  Eva loved cats!

Eva, when she was named "Mother of the Year."
I intend to add an article about this honor when I get it from Marjorie.

Eva's 95th Birthday!
Birthday Money Tree - 95 $1 bills.

Eva with her surviving children. Marie, Jean, Kittye Will, Bud .. (Edwin Jr.)

Eva and the Hart Family

article about 100th birthday!
Eva and Kittye Will, Kittye Whitley and Marjorie Whitley @ 100th birthday
Eva and Whitley great-grandchildren @ 100th birthday 
Eva and grandson Jimmy Hart and his wife Jane
Carroll Hart (Whitley) Eva and Leroy Whitley (Marjorie's dad)
Carroll Hart (Whitley) Eva and Marie Carroll
Letter written by Eva at the age of 99!

To learn more about Eva's Solomon family line and ancestors, click on the Solomon image in the right sidebar or search under Solomons in categories.

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Anonymous said...

Eva is Aunt Eva, Grandmother Vann's sister who lived past 100. She lived in Waycross, Ga. I believe--there was a big celebration for her 100th (Mother sending I believe one hundred dollar bills, taped together{maybe she just taped them for Grandmother Vann, but she was actively involved}. - Marilyn Espy McClendon, May 2010