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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Henry County Extension Services

(L-R)  Walter Stone, county agent; Lillian Cox, Home Demonstration Agent who served for 30 years; unknown; Eleanor Trawick, President of the county home demonstration clubs; a young Ralph, Hartzog, assistant farm agent who became the longest serving Henry County Farm Agent after 25 years; and Major Espy.  - names provided by Larry Smith 

All except Major Espy were Henry County, Alabama Extension Agents.  The women were called Home Demonstration Agents.  They ran the county 4-H Clubs.  The county extension service helped farmers "farm" better, housewives learn cooking, sewing skills, etc.  And they did many other things.  They were probably established after the depression to help rural folks have a better quality of life and be more successful.  Major was likely a supporter or sponsor.  - information provided by Brenda Skinner Stroup

UPDATE:  June 23, 2014 (scans from Beverly Espy Dayries) 

For pictures of Dad and me showing steers through 4-H, click and here.  And for the rest of his life Dad supported 4-H in various capacities, including serving on the state board.  You can read about his involvement here.

And here's a certificate showing Watty Espy's participation in 4-H.

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