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Friday, May 30, 2014

Polk County Waterfalls

Hiked with a small group to the towns of Saluda and Columbus for a chance to see three lovely and unique waterfalls:  Little Bradley, Pearson's and Shunkawauken Falls.  One was in a rugged area, on a trail that was short but challenging.  One was in a private park where we had to pay an entrance fee.  And one was a 150 ft. drive-by.  Got a little bit lost on the trail to Little Bradley Falls, but it ended up adding a very worthwhile couple of miles to our day, giving us just under five miles.  We had a decent workout!  In addition to the forest and waterfalls, we stumbled upon some impressive wildlife - two snakes and a deer.  I even videoed a buzzard flying from a perch at the top of Shunkawauken Falls.


Perhaps you can spot me?


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